Kino 3D sprzed 17 tys. lat?

Od malowideł w Akwitanii do mikroprocesorów. Historia człowieka to tysiące lat dążenia do zrozumienia, opisania i okiełznania otaczającego nas świata. Często sięgamy do historii - nawet bardzo odległej - żeby zrozumieć i opisać teraźniejszość. W kolegium „Artes Liberales” dowiesz się, co mają ze sobą wspólnego iPad oraz grecka wątroba ofiarna czy malowidła z prehistorycznych grot z kinem 3D. Zapraszamy.


The Collegium Artes Liberales (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) was founded in 2008. It proposes both BA and MA curricula that restore awareness of the affinities between the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, combining thinking with artistic activity and promoting people’s all-round, individual and civic development.

The Collegium Artes Liberales invites its members to a shared experience – the “Fellowship of Professors and Students.” Professors and students work together to develop a program that is innovative and ancient at the same time, a “radical” program if we remember the Latin meaning of the word radix (root). Our program aims to help students develop as individuals - people who are specialists in their particular field but also able to follow their imagination and sense of responsibility for the common good in their activity.

Our program is in a state of constant “being in the making”: we change and improve it, working with our American and European partners and with the organizations and foundations that support our activity, primarily the “Artes Liberales Institute” Foundation and the Endeavor Foundation.

Our program, firmly embedded in the European and American tradition, remains original and distinct. It has shown itself to be attractive and effective for a growing number of people, both in Poland and Europe and across the Atlantic.

The Collegium’s program is drawing in more and more people (both professors and students) who treat the university as a place that fosters them in pursuing their goals, where sound knowledge and creative skills blend together into unity of a higher order.

The first-cycle (BA) curriculum encompasses six core challenges:

  1. Wisdom and philosophy

  2. Gods and humans 

  3. History of civic thought

  4. Memory and identity 

  5. Theatrum mundi 

  6. Ecology of culture


In the artes liberales second-cycle (MA studies), students are enrolled in one of five specializations:

  1. Art in culture

  2. Ideological and material aspects of social life. 

  3. Christianity in culture. 

  4. Biological and cultural diversity. 

  5. Between East and West – the history of culture and thought.